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Works with stained glass of fabric.
Thoughts,Lights,Unforgettable the moment,Feeling invisible//
I express memories of the various sounds in my heart in creating works of fiber art.

I dyed organza cloth, creating a sense of transparency overlapping colors of light that can be layered collage, and on the stitch like the SASHIKO .
I express the two-dimensional works and the three-dimensional works and installations.

The materials are thread,cloth and paper, stainless steel net, mirror,wire etc...

2022*[Creation at Janus 2022] public call exhibition, honorable mention
2019* Fiber Art Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition Space UM, Busan, Korea
2019 *Floating Song UQiYO Project #151A-RT, artwork production
2018*Sweden & Japan Textile Exhibition 2 artists exhibition/ mono gallery Tokyo
2017* "Twist" Exhibition, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Chinretsukan, Tokyo, Japan
2017*Svensk bris-Swedish Wind Solo Exhibition / Coppis Kichijoji Gallery, Tokyo
2016*[Contemporary Art from Sweden 2] Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
2015*TEXTILE ART TEXTILE ART•Miniature Exhibition4[Hundred Flowers Hyakuyuu] Kanazawa art museum in the 21st century
2014*"Contemporary art from Japan part 2 " / A Japanese invitation artist exhibition of
11 people in SWEDEN . My works with sounds works kensuke Yamauchi.
2013*Forest Troll, international open-air exhibition Zenpukuji pond park
Children & Kitagawa collaboration work of naughty studio and Suginami Municipal Momoi fourth elementary school workshop
2013*TEXTILE ART TEXTILE ART•Miniature Exhibition3[Hundred Flowers Hyakuiki]
Gallery 5610 Minami Aoyama.
2012 [Contemporary Art from Sweden] Yokohama red brick warehouse /
My works with sounds works kensuke Yamauchi.
2012 Solo exhibition {Scene in the mind } in Sapporo Shioya Gallery /
with sound works kensuke Yamauchi (sleepy.ab).
2012 ☆Kichijoji Art Project [Adult artists & child artists] Elementary school Senkawa Musashino Exhibitions & workshops.
2012 Gallery PAUSE TEXTILE ART miniature exhibition Competition in Kagurazaka Tokyo.
2012 [PRAYER FOR TSUNAMI VICTIMS] Gallery ART Lab in Sweden Stockholm.
2011 Solo exhibition [Feel the sounds of the message] Gallery BROCKEN in Tokyo.
2011 Independants yokohama for all genre of ART in BankArt Studio MYK in yokohama.
2011 [Contemporary Art Exhibition Genpei Yashima ]Galllery Accostage in kagawa.
2011 The power of ART [Aesthetically impressive art exhibition of Korea&Japan] Gallery Soul Art Space in Busan-South Korea.
2011 Tokyo Biennale [ART Plant -International Open-Air Exhibitionin Sayama hills.
2011 [WRAP LAP RAP] Sweden and Japan art exchange program .
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
2011 [Svensk-Slovensk-Japansk Kulturvacka]  Stockholm, Sweden. 
2011 TEXTILE ART•Miniature Exhibition[Hundred Flowers Campaign]
Gallery 5610 Minami Aoyama. 
2011 Solo exhibition [Feel the sounds of the message] Gallery BROCKEN in Tokyo.
2010 Korea-Japan Color Form & Structure Exhibition in Busan-South Korea.
2010 gallery PAUSE contemporary mini textile competition.
2010 TEXTILE ART miniature exhibition『Hyakasaisai』in Roof Gallery
Tmagawa TakashimayaSC.
2009 [SENRI DOUFUU] Gallery USHIN.
2008 Abiko International Open Air Art Exhibition 11th.
2008 One man exhibition Gallery KLEINER GARTEN.
2000 SJP Exhibition 「Blue」 in Kyoto City Art Museum.
2007 “International Art Festival Sydney 07” in Sydney-Australia.
2007 SJP Exhibition 「GREEN」 in Fuchu Art Museum.
2007, 2008 “FIBER ART SHOW IN BUSAN” Craft Story Gallery in Busan-South Korea.
2007 “ENJOY THREAD OF ART” in Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
(Main Lobby Theatre Park) , Nagano.
2006 “A NEW ASIAN JUMP” Embassy of Japan -Silk Gallery
in Seoul-South Korea.
2006 “ENJOY THREAD OF ART” in Hino art festival.
2006 “JAPAN MEETS LINNAEUS” in the Botanical Garden
in Uppsala -Sweden.
2005~2006 “ENJOY THREAD OF ART” in Tokyo and Kyoto.
2004 “SJP Exhibition”, Embassy of Sweden.(selected).
2004 10th “FLOSS SILK VISUAL ART”(selected).
2003~2004 “Tokyo Exhibition”Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
2003~2005 “SJP Joint Exhibition.
2000 5th “In Our Hands” Exhibition, (selected).
Many Group Exhibitions etc…


●Graduated from the Craft Course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts.
○I run my art studio for children and Gallery Kurragömma in Kichijoji Tokyo
○Lecturer:Tokyo City university Department of Child and Human Sciences,2011~
○ NHK TV program appearance and art production